Wonderful Oshoro Maru Ship

Hi, My name is Dewi Mutamimah Graduate student of Aquatic product technology, Fisheries and Marine Science in Bogor Agricultural University.
This was my other experience in Hakodate Hokkaido Japan "Training Oshoro Maru Ship".
The Training ship held in 17-19 August, 2016 about 3 days 2 night in Oshoro Maru Ship.
I got new experience trough this activities, got new friends from other University in Japan and USA also from high school student in Hokkaido Japan. Really exciting Join this activities. Learning many thing such as self defense for during in the ship, fish and squid fishing, plankton collection and observation and many other thing.

Fig 1. Oshoro Maru Crew
They are really kind crew. I got to tearn many thing from them how to make rope for self defense, got to eat plenty of delicious food from the chef of the ship, also how to explain abou the ship sections really exciting for me. 

Fig 2. Me, Nafisa (using glasses) and Rachel 
They are my roommate in the Oshoro Maru Ship, Rachel who come from Museum and Preservation Specialist, Fish Collection in University of Washington and Nafisa from Food science in Bogor Agricultural University same University with me. they have interesting personality so I really glad to meet them and be friend with them.

Fig 3. Plankton observation (Grace and Me)
Here is Grace who come from Aquatic and Fishery Sciences in University of Washington. we are doing Plankton observation together. I get to learn more about plankton from grace. she is friendly and kind. 

Fig 4. Training participant and Oshoro Maru Ship

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3 Responses to Wonderful Oshoro Maru Ship

  1. I am sure you are enjoying your training period and meanwhile learning a lot. My younger sister is also a marine technology student and she tells me about various marine products like marine mat, marine foam sheets etc.

    1. yeah i really enjoy the training because it was my first time to join training ship. i got many wonderful experience there. wow that's good to study marine technology. will gain many experience in marine territory