Field trip, Hokudasai and Ramadhan Karim in Hokkaido

Welcome June, this is the third month I stayed in Sapporo. The weather is getting warm and also there is so much beautiful green scenery in Hokkaido University. This month, there is a lot of activity that held in June. The first one is my laboratory field trip, than Hokkaido University Festival (Hokudasai) and Ramadhan Karim, the holy month of muslim community that start in this month also.
First, I’d like to tell my laboratory fieldtrip experience. In the beginning of June, 2 and 3 June, I have laboratory fieldtrip. Our laboratory member, students and professor join this trip. In my laboratory we have eleven students, two Indonesian, two Japanese, four Chines and one Vietnamese than two professor. In this field trip, we spent two days and one night. In the first we visited Hokkaido Research Organization, Agricultural Experiment Station. In this place we are looking for the crop technology that farmers in Hokkaido used. To manage the farm, researcher and farmer collaborate each other by using GIS technology, so farmers can easier manage their farm. After that, we take lunch and went to outdoor school. This kind of school usually using for out bond activity and we stay one night in this place.

Figure 1. Fieldtrip Laboratory Member

Second day, we continued our trip to Takinoue Park. In that place there is a beautiful waterfall and also lot of flower. After that we continued to Ainu Museum. This kind of museum provide us about the history of Japanese people in the past like what the wear, what kind of tools that they use for transportation and other activity. After that we are going to fruit and vegetable company. The name of the company is J-farm. In Hokkaido, maybe it’s hard to plan some vegetable or fruit because of the weather is little bit extreme. J-farm build a greenhouse technology to plant tomato and the other vegetables and also they make some product using their crop like ice cream tomato, tomato jam and etc.
The next day in 3 June, there is Hokkaido University Festival held in campus. Hokudasai start from 1 June until 4 June. This festival provide a lot of entertainment like cosplay, dance, and the best things is food festival. Indonesia Students Associations of Hokkaido University also participate in this program. We make Indonesian food stand during the festival. At least four kind of Indonesian traditional food and one kind of drink we sold in Hokudasai. The festival was very attractive. There are so many people came to the festival because not only we also can tried the others food from the other country like Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, India, China, Thailand and many more.

Figure 2. Hokudasai

Figure 3. Indonesia Food

Figure 4. Indonesia Students Association

In the last, the important things that happen in this month is Ramadhan, the holy month of muslim community. We have to fasting from sunrise until sunset. It’s the first time of me to fasting outside Indonesia. In Indonesia actually we fasting around 12 – 13 hour but in Sapporo, I have to fasting around 17 – 18 hour per day. But the weather in Sapporo is cool and sometime warm so it’s not too hard fasting here. I hope I can complete my fasting until the earlier of July.がんばて。

Figure 5. Iftar Party

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