Welcome to the cherry blossom festival. 

         Last week I went to Goryokaku towel and Matsumae for saw Cherry blossom,

in Japanese call おはなみ,

          Fort Goryokaku (五稜郭, Goryōkaku) is a massive, star shaped, Western

style citadel, which was built in the last years of the Edo Period for the defense of

Hakodate against the imperialist threat posed by the Western powers.

A few years later, the fort became the site of a civil war between an army of

the shogunate and the superior troops of the newly established Meiji government.

But today is a place with a story of its history and beauty, especially

the cherry blossoms bloom. The Goryokaku when you go up the tower,

you will find the stars are caused by blooms of pink cherry blossoms.

They also found that the Japanese popular BBQ party under the cherry blossoms.


          Please follow the beauty and story of Matsumae in reporting times.

                         Bye Nooh.

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