6/22 2nd [Introduction to PARE] by Dr. John Bower and Dr. Takagi

Dear All PARE Members!

Thank you for coming to PARE Blog:) This is Mao from PARE central office!
There was the 2nd lecture of [Introduction to PARE] on June 22(sat) at OIA!
The students were listening the lecture by Dr. John Bower and Dr. Takagi,(Faculty of Fishery) who
visited Sapporo Campus for this lecture.
The topic was about [Sustainable fisheries and Aquaculture: Resources and the Environment].
The afternoon class was debate which students were devided by three groups which are;
*Aquaculture company
*Fishermen's coop
 and argued about each opinions based on what they thought as a group.
They were so emotional even though it was saturday morning, and
it was so exciting  for me and I wanted to join them:)

The next lecture is going to be
[Pesticides and Food Additives: their Critical Roles and Contributions in Human Life]
by Dr.Hashidoko and
[Animal Production: Benefits and Challenges Facing Huan Society]
by Dr. Kobayashi
 on June29

We are all looking forward to seeing you soon:)

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