Introduce yourself!

Hello all PARE members! This is Mao Watabe from central office of PARE. I am charged with organizing this blog and want you everyone to remember me:) Thank your for joining us and looking forward to hearing from you guys!

First, I want you to please tell us if any trouble or question in your student life during PARE project. We will do the best as far as possible. OR maybe you can share those here with other students who have similar problem. Everyone has just started new life in another country at the same time so that you could solve it with your friends - they are so too.

Second, please let yourself introduce to other members here because I think you might be strangers each other. We put the labels of your name - mainly first name and of self-introduction. Just take it easy to write it down as a trial according to the Manual which I have already sent you. Not so difficult.

For example,

Hi! This is Mao Watabe!Nice to meet you all!
I like traveling around the world, and I love to meet people all over the world and to eat International food:) LOVE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICARION!

If you have NOT accept as an author, just click the link in the email which I sent. Hope you enjoy yourself and have fun:)

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3 Responses to Introduce yourself!

  1. Selamat pagi. (Good morning.)
    I am Yoshitaka Mitsui, doctoral student in Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering.
    I'm visiting Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia.
    I really hope to enjoy Indonesian life until departure (9/4/2013).

    1. Mr. Mitsui, Thank you so much for introducing about yourself and about your studying lide in Indonesia! We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying there:)Please take care and have a safety flight to come back to Japan!

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