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The journey of my life 8; First time cross country ski

Good day everyone!

I'm very apologise to write this blog so late because I have to preparing the slideshow for final presentation next this Tuesday. Yes It's very soon and I will go back to Thailand soon as well (I'm too sad to leave)!!!!!

My first time cross country ski
My professor asked me and my friends to skiing but we are have never had ski experience so we have to skiing by starter course that's called "Cross country ski"
The cross country ski is the place for starting skiing from the ground it's the big park have little slopes but not as big as mountain.
The park for cross country ski

I don't know what are you thinking about snow skiing but I think it's very scary and difficult
I'm to scare to walk in the ski boards, It's slip and can't walk freely that makes me fall down more than 20 times.
we have to lei ski shoes on these boards

There're 2 sticks for pull and balancing (this is Fern which she try to lay on ski boards) 

The cross country ski is not as expensive as real skiing we need just 200 JPY to rant ski shoes, boards and sticks.
to skiing we must makes sure that ski shoes are fit and locked on the board or not, take the weight on the toes and don't be scared
the sticks are used for pull ourselves go ahead and stop when we need to stop.

So this is video when we are skiing. the wonderful time the great memory who knows will I have chance to skiing again.

thank you to read my blog, Hope you all have fun every day in yourlife


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February : The Nicest Sweetest Hectic Month!

Hello everyone! 

Well, I am feeling so sad because of some my friends will come back to their country soon, esp Dailami, because he is my partner in crime in the laboratory. haha. I said, "why you have to comeback Daiii... why... please help my experimenttt." (but then he just said, "a part of my soul is already in Bogor maaaak -_-"). well, ok, I can't say anything else. Ganbatte for all my friends who will give their final presentation in next week. ^_^

Today (actually this week) is really a hectic day. Well, its just the beginning. Next month will be my hectic month ever! Today, I have a group meeting and I have to present my progress report. Well, for my research, I just collect around 27 g of freeze dried cyanobacter from 200 L of culture for this 3-4 months. It was really takes time. So, next week, I will start my isolation and in the end, I have to do assay for enzyme inhibitory assay. I hope I have enough time for it, and fortunately, I almost finish all of my lecture and lab works, so I can focus only in my research. 

Friday Night : Discussion with PARE Students
Well, I wanna share about the topic that we have discussed today in Introduction to PARE 3. Its about the water demand and water footprint. Its a very interesting topic! 

Water availability is expected to decrease in many regions. Yet future global agricultural water consumption alone is estimated to increase by ~19% by 2050, and will be even greater in the absence of any technological progress or policy intervention. To ensure enough water to meet this demand, we will need to stop wasting it and find new ways to make sure there's enough to go around. Please kindly check this video

So, what is the solution??? 
People should pay for the water that they used and they should pay to clean the water that they pollute.  That would discourage waste and cut down the pollution. More money is needed for infrastructure and innovation to go along with more recycling. Reuse the water and natural ecosystem. That's how we'll have enough water to produce food, electricity and goods for healthier and wealthier world in 2050.

Thanks for reading my post! (DF)

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To Osaka, Just to Feel Warm!

Can you believe that I went to Osaka city just to run away from the Sapporo cold... and the snow? Yes I did that this week, took a 3 day vacation and was pleased with it!

A story of relevance that that I would like to share is that of Kansai International airport (KIX), an artificial island which stands  at an elevation of 5m a.s.l. and is connected to the mainland by a 3 km rail/road bridge. The artificial island that is KIX was designed by an Italian architect and was officially opened in September 1994. Three mountains were 'demolished' to create this spectacular work of engineering!

Now, that is a story worth pondering!!

The edge of KIX, just as the plane goes for the touch-down!

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1000 yen for 10 minute listening 48 tones

Hi All,

I don't know what i want to write for now, so i just want to share about my experience today.

Today, i experienced joint as respondent for psychological experiment. This is a kind of quitionnaire experiment. So, we are asked to listen a tone for a few second then we rate the music from 1 to 7 grades for the (1) poor ending to good ending, (2) sad to happy.

The total tone that we should heard are 48 tone. How ever, i feel like the 48 tone were not totally different. I felt like there were many repetition for the tone. Anyway this was very simple task for us just tot give the rate based on our feel.This experiment is take only about 10 minute, but we got a Q*o gift card with 1000 yen voucher. Wow.. this how Japanese researcher appreciate our 10 minute. It was very nice. 

By the way, after i searched where i can use this card, so many around 52000 shops (picture below). However, Se**omart was not include.. so sad. this the nearest convenient shops from my dormitory. But it is OK, i plan to use this card to buy chocolate in Law**n. 

I thinks, only that for today post. I wait for February 11th, then I can go home to Indonesia. I miss Indonesia so much. Angkot Bogor, Macet, Pengamen, Pisang Goreng, Nasi Padang, Mie ayam bakso,  Bara (just copy and paste those words on Google translate, its talk about you that don't know Indonesian language.. hahahha)  wait me there. I will come back soon.

Have nice last time in japan for all of you guys.


Let's Cook

          One thing we cannot deny that if exchange student wants to travel in the weekend, they have to save money. I'm the one in this case.
         Everyone keep told me that if you want to save money, you have to cooking
         Then, let's cook!

        In Thailand, if you live alone, stay in a dorm, have only one room, cooking is not a good way to save money. Sometimes it cost more than you buy it in the restaurant and it also make bad smell in you room.
        I'm not good at cooking but if I want to survive in Sapporo with money then I have to cook. I have stay here for 20 days and I have made many things for eating. Then, it turns that cooking is fun more than I think.
       Everyday when I want to eat something, I will search how to in Google.  I have learnt to make spaghetti, Japanese Kare, Green kare, french fries, etc.  

Green kare, Thank you for fujiko san who help me cook this


          Moreover, I have tried some Indonesia food which I don't know the name but it very delicious. Thank you all friends for your kindness. Many things I use to think it's hard to do is easy than I thought. I think next time, I will try to cook Indonesia food, too.
        Cooking is really fun, don't you think?


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Town have changed but hapinness is the same

        For guys who don't know me, I'm June from Thailand, SIIT, Thammasat University.
        I was arrived at Chitose airport on 8th this month. This is my second time that I come to Hokkaido. Many things have changed. It's not like Hokkaido I was stay!
       Last time I came here it's summer but now it's winter. I know you cannot imagine how surprised I was when I see a heavy snow in Hokkaido. This is my first time that I saw it. Snow, beautiful but cold.

      Sapporo, the town I have known, has gone. It’s hard to see a sun shine. It’s hard to wear thin shirt waking in a street. Everything in Sapporo turns to white.

            Although the town I have known has changed, friend still the same. I have a party with Japanese and Indonesian friends. I went to Karaoke, went shopping, cooking with friends. It's so fun. Yes, snow is cold but every times I go out, I get a lot of experience and happiness. I dare say the cold never bothered me anyway!

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New Year Travel ; part 2

BUABAN   Parichat
Kasetsart University

After travel at Hokkaido in New Year, I had a chance to travel to the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. I had took Vanilla air from Chitose airport and arrived Narita airport at Tokyo in the mornimg. Climate of Tokyo is very low but temperature not minus and no snow during the trip. I began traveling from Narita airport to accommodation in Shinjuku. The first place to visit was Sensoji Temple. The temple is the oldest temple for many people come to the temple to seek blessings of the Asakusa  Kannon deity. It was the epicenter for the development of Edo culture. The front entrance has the huge lanterns hung at Kaminari(Thunder) as an important symbol.
Sensoji Temple

After that, I went to the Tokyo Skytree where is a world class landmark and with a height of 634 meters. Once up to the top of  Tokyo Skytree, it has a view of panoramic of the Kanto region. It is  the tallest free-standing broadcasting tower in the world.
Tokyo Skytree

Harajuku is a district in Shibuya of Tokyo as a center of Japanese adolescence in shopping and fashion dress code of independent boutiques. Advanced modern and low prices in miscellaneous jewelry and clothing stores are around the area. Harajuku is the origin of delicioud Crepes and Pancakes.
Shopping and fashion center at Harajuku

             I also visited beautiful views of Mount Fuji  the highest mountain in Japan as height as 3776 meters. It is a popular place for people to travel. The mountain can be seen from Tokyo on sky clear days. You can see better beautiful  views in the morning and evening  than at noon.
Mount Fuji

            Before I returned to Hokkaido, I was in Tokyo again at Tokyo Tower for New Year countdown. Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower. Its height is 333 meters. The inspired of structure is from an Eiffel Tower lattice tower that is painted white and orange colour. There are a lot of people come here for countdown same with me in that night.
Tokyo Tower

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Addressing the Food Problem in the World

The goal of PARE program is to foster individuals with four characteristics to develop global leaders in resolving the challenges related to PARE Chain in Asia. One of the four characteristics is cross-cultural ability. In my Asia-Africa Culture Language and Regionalism (ACLR) lectures in the Center of Sustainability (Census) course, we learnt how the global food problem should be addressed from different view: Developed World view; Developing World view; and Emerging World (BRICS) view. These are the result of our discussion:

In one or another way, every country in the world is facing problems related to the food security. In the developing countries, the problem of food security revolves around inadequate supply of food and inability to afford foods due to poverty and relatively high food price. In the emerging countries (BRICS) the problem of food security related to the food safety and uneven distribution of food. Different from the other developing countries, in the emerging country, food supply is not the basic problem, rather, the foods available are not well distributed due to the need to foster the economic income from the food export.
People in the developed world are facing a relatively different food security problem. It’s not about availability of food, instead the source where the foods come from. Most of the foods in the developed countries come from the developing countries where the productivity is prioritized but neglecting the appropriate way to grow the foods. The high dependence on imported food also contributes to worsen the condition in the emerging countries where the foods are produced massively without considering the animal welfare, and to worsen the condition in the developing countries where in some cases where the export are prioritized above the fulfillment of domestic needs.
Even though each country has different kind of problem, there should be one solution that can be done to solve those problems holistically. Our ACLR class final project was to find this kind of solution based on the consideration of the problem that happen in the each regions of the world.

Ratna Patriana / PARE 26-005

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Nichaphat-The end of Feb (2015)

Good evening, PARE members

                     In the end of this month (Feb), I have many works and classes. I have to write Japanese words, do some reports and power points. I learn about setting time for doing these works and analyze my works from my sensei.

Introduction of fisheries class

                      This week, I went to Ohnuma Quasi-Nation park for fishing small fish. It's first time for me to fishing in the ice hole on snow. It had many holes for fishing. I change holes every time. I got a little fish. I think it's difficult to get fish because I did not have fishing skill. I saw the fox during I fishing.

Ohnuma Quasi-Nation park

 Fish…(come here!)
 Fishing in the ice hole
The fox

This is my life in this month. I hope everyone will have happy in Japan.
Take care ^^
Nichapaht (Tan)

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(More than) Fun Arubaito ^_^

Yeah, it almost 6 months, and I’ll leave Sapporo soon..

Many stories have been created, sad or happy, such as “arubaito” time. Who doesn’t know about “arubaito” or part time job? In Japanese teenager, working part time is a culture. In the immigration unit, first I was asked by the employee, am I going to do part time job while studying in Hokkaido University. At that time, I said no, just thinking that I will not be able to communicate well in Japanese and also I will not have enough time. But I’ve just started “my arubaito” a month ago.
Maybe, it is not actual arubaito, but it closed with volunteer working. Yup! It is very different from common arubaito that usually talked in Japan.
Red Team on "Snow"

Snow Bed on Roof ^_^

On Saturday morning, usually at 10 am, we started our “work”, cleaning the snow or in Japanese called as “yuki oroshi”. I and many friends (max 8 people) will “climb” up to the roof of a church in Kita 8 area. Ria, Jun, Yeni, and Ulfi (other PARE students) also ever joined our arubaito. It was a great opportunity, at least I have the experience of earning money in Japan and also feel what’s the real life in Hokkaido as artic of Japan.

In our living place (dormitory), our manager and also the “snow car” will kindly “clean” all the snow bed so we can walk easily. But, it will be different case for your “ship like” roof of your home. The church roof have shape like a ship or bowl, that’s why the snow will fill in, get thicker, and heavier and it will broke the building sometime.  That’s why, the roof have to be cleaned at least every week, and especially after heavy snow raining.
Say Hi!

Snow or Ice??

The priest is so kind, his name is Kohno sensei,, and we just call it sensei. Usually, after our working time (10 am- 12 pm), sensei’s daughter, Tsubasa san, will served lunch for us. They are so kind, because I am Muslim and I can’t eat meat or alcohol, they will provided us food without meat or alcohol. Tsubasa san is very great chef. The menus are pizza, sushi, spaghetti, miso shiru, inari sushi, fusion sushi, salad, macaroni and pasta, mochi, and cake.  I liked all of them.
When we have lunch, it is my practical Japanese class. At that time, sensei and also Tsubasa san usually try to talk with us in very simple Japanese. And we also try to reply with our limited Japanese skill. But, i was so wonderful.
Fun and Healthy (sweating in the snowy day)!!

Great lunch

Beside getting the salary, lunch, sometimes, sensei also invited us to come to some Sapporo tourist spot. Last time, we went to Mount Moiwa and Okurayama Ski Jump. Sometimes, we also got a little prize, chocolate and candies. Wooo,, it is more than arubaito.. ^_^ I will miss it so much...

Additional "Salary" --> Choco and Candy

Trip to Okurayama Ski Jump

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