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Final report for PARE blog

Hi, everyone..

How come the time is running so fast? It seems like it was only yesterday that I was coming, and now I just had less than 2 weeks to stay. This condition makes me so sad and happy at the same time.

Three weeks ago I went to Sapporo snow festival twice time. For the first time, I went with my Indonesian friends and for the second times with my lab-mates. The Sapporo snow festival is the greatest festival ever for me. I really so amazed with all big sculptures and the sculpturerist. I cannot imagine how can they survive and finish all the sculpture in the extreme weather. For me, who just looking around in a few hours, the weather is so cold and I have to wear the "kairo" in  my shoes to keep my feet warm, but the sculptures are beautiful.

Two weeks ago is a party week, because that is the defense week for students of Agriculture Faculty. Some of my lab-mates finished his/her final defense, and I also attend their presentation. After the defense day, we celebrate with parties. The first party is collaboration party among the applied bioscience laboratories. The party was so cool. On another day, I also attend the farewell and welcome party for international students in Keio Plaza Hotel. The party was also great.

Finally, my farewell party. I had two farewell party with NSI (Nusantara Sapporo Indonesia) members and all members of ecological chemistry laboratory.
NSI is the club for Japanese who want to learn Indonesian language.  An Indonesian student association of Hokkaido establishes this club. So, during the time I stay in Sapporo, I joined this club as a teacher. I am so happy with this club, because I got a lot of friends (Japanese and Indonesian). They just like my family here, and from them I can learn a lot of things such as language, and culture. At the farewell party, they give me a gift. But, not only me who got the gift. My Indonesian best friend who has already finished her study at Hokkaido University and also used to be a teacher in NSI club got a gift too. Because, she will move to Tokyo to continue her master degree.

And for the last, I went to a farewell party of our laboratory. At this party I also so happy and sad. The sad part is I realized that I will leave Sapporo soon and the happy part is when my lab-mates give me a memorial card and also a gift. I am so surprised at that time. They gave me candy and a mount Fuji towel for me. They wrote a wonderful word in my memorial card. I feel so touched and lucky to have all of them as my friends. I will never forget all of them. It was a wonderful, amazing experience that I ever get. Thank you so much for the PARE program for this opportunity. 

Note: I still have to do a final report for PARE program and a final progress of my research in our laboratory. So, I still have works before I go back to Indonesia. I hope, everything is going well. 

Sayonara, Sampai Bertemu Lagi... Thanks for everything.

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Last week was very incredible experience for me, met amazing guests from two universities. Dr. Salimur Rahman, he is a professor for Arabic language in Chuo university of Tokyo. He came to Sapporo mosque and talked about Islam in Japan. He said that Japan is a country that has been very kind and has open-mind people. It very supports moslem people in Japan to worship. One thing that makes him feel compassion was when his student in the class reminded him when the prayer time is coming and they also willing to wait after he finished his prayers. Sometimes I felt the same situation in my laboratory particularly to remind me for worship.

Another guest came from Sidney University staff to agriculture faculty Hokudai. She wants to know about the experiences of foreign students in Hokudai. Koike Sensei from Forest Science department Hokudai also accompanied us. They were very impressed about Hokkaido University.         

Thank you for reading my posting…CU

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